December 12, 2014

Looking for gift ideas for this holiday season?

The Little Souk shop on Etsy has a great selection of natural skin and hair products, made with all natural ingredients. Indulge yourself this holiday season with their soothing bath soaks or hair/face masks. They also offer beautiful crafts for the home, handmade with love. They'll make perfect gifts for this holiday season!

June 20, 2014

3 ways to rock shorts this summer

I've been wanting to get a lace short lately so I kind of did my homework today :) Playing around with different styles and colors, I came up with those beautiful 3 outfits. Next!!!

June 16, 2014

Beauty in a Moroccan way

Petit Palmier offers a line of beauty products made with 100 % natural ingredients such as the extremely fragrant Moroccan Roses and Rose Water, Ghassoul Lava Clay, Henna, etc...Its bath soaks are creative combinations of some of those ingredients as well, very gentle and relaxing.
A perfect alternative for those seeking chemical free beauty products !! you can shop Petit Palmier products at The Little Souk on Etsy.

June 12, 2014

Moroccan Treasures

Check out all those Moroccan beauties...The Little Souk offers authentic handmade Moroccan crafts as well as different beauty products made with natural ingredients such as Moroccan roses famously known for being very fragrant, rose water, Moroccan henna and ghassoul lava clay.
A favorite stop for all handmade and natural loving people :)

My French indulgence

I am drooling in front of this french beauty !!! A very well deserved afternoon break at my favorite french bakery !! Time to dive in :)

January 7, 2014

A guide to statement Jewelry


Statement jewelry is nothing new. For thousands of years, people have used clothing and accessories to make statements about who they are and what they value. Such items have long symbolized class as well as religious and cultural identities. Up until now, people continue to use accessories, mainly jewelry, to portray who they are.
Statement pieces of jewelry allow women to define themselves as unique, confident, passionate, and interesting people; but, many women will avoid wearing bold accessories because they do not feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone.
Below are some tips on how to find a statement piece of jewelry that will make the right statement.
1. Size
Statement jewelry is usually big. Chandelier earrings, thick bangles, and bulky pendants are common adornments. While statement jewelry is intentionally large to draw attention to itself and the wearer, such jewelry does not have to be overbearing. Consider personal size as well. For example, petite women may look absurd with overly large jewelry.
2. One at a Time
Wear only one piece of statement jewelry at a time. If wearing statement earrings, wear a gentle, unobtrusive ring. If the necklace is making a statement, choose simple earrings. Small studs may be perfect. Wearing too many big, bold pieces of jewelry will look a little showy and overdone. When wearing a statement piece of jewelry, choose clothes and other accessories that are pretty calm. Although statement jewelry is easy and powerful, consider using a statement purse, clutch, or other accessory every now and again.
3. Makeup
Put on the statement piece of jewelry before applying makeup. The idea is to keep one's makeup simple so as not to distract from the statement jewelry. Indeed, one should coordinate her makeup so it is consistent with her jewelry. Although bold makeup is sometimes appropriate, it is better worn without statement jewelry. There is nothing wrong with using makeup to make a statement, but the rule "one at a time" applies here as well.
4. Clothes
Take advantage of the middle ground between plain and grandiose. Avoid attention-grabbing patterns, but use solids, pinstripes, and faded patterns. Many women think that statement jewelry looks better with equally bold attire, but it is actually best to pick simple clothes to complement a piece of statement jewelry.
5. Popular Types
This table certainly does not address every type of statement jewelry, but it does point out some of the most common types. It also offers tips for statement pieces that are sometimes worn a little recklessly.
Bib Necklace
These tend to be short, wide, and colorful. As such, they go great with high or scoop neck shirts. A high neck gives the necklace a backdrop whereas a scoop neck outlines the necklace. The idea is simply to wear a shirt that won't interrupt the round appearance of the necklace.
Long Necklace
These are often colorful and may also be multilayered. Since they go so far below the neck, most fashion gurus recommend skipping a belt.
Cocktail Rings
These are rings that usually feature big, colorful gemstones. They are excellent statement pieces because they can be worn with any outfit.
Chandelier Earrings
These earrings are very fashionable. They draw lots of attention to the face, so it is important to use caution when applying makeup. Let the earrings speak for themselves. In addition, choose a hairstyle that keeps the hair out of the way.
Cuffs and Bangles
These thick bracelets come in a seemingly endless variety of colors and patterns. Wear them with short or three-quarter sleeves. Let them take control of the wrists.