June 20, 2014

3 ways to rock shorts this summer

I've been wanting to get a lace short lately so I kind of did my homework today :) Playing around with different styles and colors, I came up with those beautiful 3 outfits. Next step...shopping!!!

June 16, 2014

Beauty in a Moroccan way

Petit Palmier offers a line of beauty products made with 100 % natural ingredients such as the extremely fragrant Moroccan Roses and Rose Water, Ghassoul Lava Clay, Henna, etc...Its bath soaks are creative combinations of some of those ingredients as well, very gentle and relaxing.
A perfect alternative for those seeking chemical free beauty products !! you can shop Petit Palmier products at The Little Souk on Etsy.

June 12, 2014

Moroccan Treasures

Check out all those Moroccan beauties...The Little Souk offers authentic handmade Moroccan crafts as well as different beauty products made with natural ingredients such as Moroccan roses famously known for being very fragrant, rose water, Moroccan henna and ghassoul lava clay.
A favorite stop for all handmade and natural loving people :)

My French indulgence

I am drooling in front of this french beauty !!! A very well deserved afternoon break at my favorite french bakery !! Time to dive in :)